About us

Our Values


Pirate Duck Design (PDD) brings to the table unique pieces of furniture, coupled with a quirky sense of style (and sense of humor). Every Friday, all PDD employees have to wear either an eyepatch or a peg leg and channel their inner pirate. That was a joke. No, seriously, that was a joke.
PDD’s values embody simplicity, functionality, and beauty.


The PDD Core Value System:

  • To always be flexible and nimble, (sometimes we draw inspiration from Cirque du Soleil acrobats), so that we can quickly and efficiently address customer needs.
  • To always be innovative and never rest on our laurels. Constant innovation and betterment is what keeps us going. We live, breathe and dream about creating new furniture. Better furniture. (If mankind goes to Mars, we want the Martian colonists to come to us for all of their furniture needs. We’re not joking.)
  • Be environmentally conscious and minimize waste in all we do. A small example of this -- we use leftover material to make seasonal products. (Waste makes us hopping mad! And we can’t run the CNC machine while we’re hopping. Ergo, we don’t waste. At all.)
  • Always strive to be local. Source and use materials locally. And employ local talent. (We’re quite OCD about this and proud it it!)