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The Coffee Table

Baltic - Coffee Table

Baltic is sturdy and stylish. The coffee table that literally expands with your growing life. Enjoy its sleek avatar as a single surface, or add a shelf to hold wine, books or toys. Make it as skinny or as chubby as you like.


Sustainable, durable plywood. 

Variable width. 

Choose from yellow, orange or green for the outer edge.

Batic - Coffee Table
Baltic - Coffee Table
Baltic - Coffee Table
Baltic - Coffee Table

Dimensions: Height: 20 inches; Width: 36 inches; Depth: Customizable

Aden- Side Table
Aden - Sid Table

This little guy is the one you dreamed of when your partner first moved in. It can easily become wider in just a few minutes   allowing you to double its lower cubby capacity, and have twice as much surface area for that extra lamp and phone charger. Breaks down and back up in minutes for moving day.


Sustainable, durable plywood. Variable width.

Choose from black, orange and green for the outer edge. 

The Side Table
Aden - Side Tabe
Aden - Side Table
Aden - Side Table

Dimensions: Height: 28 inches; Depth: 19 inches; Width: Customizable

The Set of Hooks

Inspired by Kandinsky. These decorative wall hooks will keep your jackets, bags and other knick- knacks off the floor.




We want to make customization accessible.


Pirate Duck wants to change the way people shop for furniture online. We believe that every space is unique and one size does not fit all. Modern digital fabrication techniques allow us to explore new ways of manufacturing furniture to give you control, so you can buy the furniture that fits your home and needs exactly.

Aden - Side Table

We use real ply-wood and stainless steel hardware to make high quality furniture


We believe good quality, bespoke furniture should be within reach of the many and not just reserved for the few


We design the furniture and allow you to choose the size you need for now, and give you the ability to alter it as your life changes

How it works:

Table gif.gif

We design our furniture in slim easy to assemble sections. Each section is cut from real wood precisely and efficiently using a CNC (Computer Numerical Controlled) router.


A complete item is assembled by sliding the individual sections onto metal rods, which aligns them. They are held together by bolts on either end. This allows for quick assembly and disassembly. Sizes can be altered simply changing the number of sections used. This guarantees you’ll have the perfect fit for your space.


CNC manufacturing allows us to simplify the production process, lowers production time and reduces material waste. This is more cost efficient in comparison with traditional furniture manufacturing techniques, allowing us to offer a quality product to you at a reasonable price. Pirate Duck is good for you and good for the planet.

Why the name Pirate Duck Designs?

A couple of years ago, I had gone to watch a movie in New York with my then-girlfriend, now wife. As we walked into the movie theater she saw one of those claw machines — the ones you see at arcades — and wanted to play. I told her it was a waste of money and that no one ever wins. She rolled her eyes, took a dollar from me, and won three times in a row — 3 little rubber duckies — and I got to keep the one with the pirate patch. 

As I started my furniture venture, I was doing most of my unwinding, panicking and thinking when I was not in the studio covered in saw dust. Often this used to be in the shower. The pirate duck was my constant companion through it all: high-pitched songs, flashbacks to dreadful stats of startup success rates, and mental checklists of things to do.

That’s why it seemed like a natural fit for the name of my venture, which offers furniture that is quirky and reliable, and is an opportunity that (hopefully) defies the odds.




Mohit Mankar

Founder, Pirate Duck Designs

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